What’s next? Artificial Intelligence, Bots, IoT, Drones, Virtual Worlds and more Featured


We Joined Game Developer Conference, Samsung Hackathon, TIE and OPEN Conferences and learned a lot from Industry Veterans and Padres. There is a lot happening in the Tech world.

Now Industry is moved on from a ‘Regular iPhone and Android App’. It’s now more closer to SciFi and Fun!

You will be chatting with your house, talking to your car, thinking of Rules of Air for Drones. Specially drones, if some teenager will send their drone over to our Air-o-space than they should know we are from the Land where Kite flying and catching was fun. And whoever captures the Kite (or Drone going forward) it’s His/Her ownership.

We worked with Secret Lab of Large Enterprise and created some Virtual Worlds where virtual Pet was hungry and our friend’s head has many stars circling… Enjoyed IBM’s amazing Watson for our moody software.. Added new and brave Microsoft’s Office 360… We are ready for Facebook and google’s Artificial Libraries.

It’s crazy World coming up and WeMo Technologies (WeMoTech) can guide you there because we are razor sharp on the technology stacks ready to go where no one has gone before… Just a step away from our Leaders and inspired by Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Tesla and others..

We can also Train you at WeMoConnect.com during our Aggressive bootcamps (or little passive courses). And once you are trained or if you are already a Jedi than we can find Internship or Jobs for you at WeMoHire.com

WeMoTech is family and people. We are ready and excited for future and hacking the way to lead ..

~ WeMoTech Team

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