What is best way to learn a technical skill?


Can you learn swimming from Video or Whiteboard?

Swimming and Technical skill (like learning programming language) has one thing in common. They are both skills one require your coordination of full body and another require practice of your brain (the same way you used to do with math / algebra).

At WeMoConnect.com Bootcamp we are teaching in unconventional way… ‘Learn ~ Hacking Style’. We will be building Apps together and practicing to code. We will be building logic and solving puzzle and in that process we get better at this skill.

Now… Would you stop learning swimming as soon as your coach finish teaching you? No… we will put you through Internship and may be Job at WeMoHire.com (depending on your experience) to apply the skill you learn.

Come join us this summer for our aggressive bootcamp that pretty much guarantees the Job.

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